Tips To Avoid Golf Slice

By April 6, 2020Tips & Tutorials

Learning how to play golf comes with a lot of sacrifices and constant practicing. Slice, unfortunately, is a part of most golfers’ games. Even the professionals and top golfers sometimes find themselves making a golf slice. 

What is a Golf Slice?

The simplest way to explain a golf slice is a shot that goes completely off the target. A golf slice goes to the left for left-handed golf player and to the right for right-handed golf players. A golf slice can be frustrating, especially for new golfers, and kill the enthusiasm for the game. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize or altogether avoid golf slice

Tips to Avoid Golf Slice

  • Ensure that in the buildup and engaging of a swing, there is proper body motion. Keep the back straight while bringing the clubhead in a backswing. Reaching out or pulling in too quickly can result in an improper spine angle. This, of course, will result in a fatal slice. It is also essential to keep a distance between the hands and the chest as if they are too close; it is sure to cause a golf slice.
  • Keep it straight on the body. Some golfers try to go in one direction powerfully, hoping the slice will “even out” and land on the fairway. While this may work on occasion, a golfer will overcompensate more often than not, and either hook a ball even further off target or “over slice” and end up with an unfortunate result.
  • Keep a correct form during the follow-through. A surefire way to check a swing’s correct angle is to look at the hands and arms after a swing is done. Golfers should release the swing straight down, and the body should not be in an inappropriate or spinning movement. As such, after contact is made the hands and arms will stay straight and point directly outward.
  • Check Your Feet: One of a slice’s primary causes is that your feet and shoulders are not in line and square to the goal when you assume your stance. Your shoulders should point straight to the target. If your feet are put back on the ground from the club, then you might be in danger of slicing your shot. Work to align your feet and shoulders properly, and you can start curing your slice.
  • Step Away from the Ball: A golf swing with the pin in a straight line should be on target. Getting too close to the swing ball will result in outside-in. That happens when a golfer is moving the clubhead on the backswing outside the swing plane and then bringing it inside the swing plane just before contact. To make sure that you are the right distance from the ball, when you are addressing the ball, extend your arms completely. If your arms are spread, and when the club is behind the player, your back is straight, you are the right distance from the ball. Flex your knees to change position.
  • Watch for Contact: Sometimes a slice occurs because of something as easy as the club’s contact with the ball outside the sweet spot of the club (the club’s center). If you close too much of the clubface and make bad contact, you’ll slice. One of the best ways to cure this problem is to make sure you keep your head down and watch the ball come into contact with the clubface. Good coordination between the hand-eyes can help to eliminate a slice.

Learn to play the right way. If you follow the above tips and practice constantly, you are sure to overcome slice on a short while. Good luck

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