An Overview of Golf Injuries

By April 1, 2020Tips & Tutorials

Golf is a low impact sport that can strain the body and become injurious as compared to sports like soccer, basketball, and rugby; nevertheless, a notable number of injuries are associated with the sport. Most golf injuries are usually caused by overused muscles due to continuous strain placed on them but are all very avoidable.

Golf injuries can be caused by incorrect swings, wearing inappropriate shoes, rotational stress on the spine, and also by repeated movements.

Common golf injuries

1. Golfer’s Elbow/Elbow Tendinitis
This is caused by inflammation of the forearm muscles: the muscles responsible for bending the wrist and fingers. This affects the tendons and supporting tissues present at the elbow. Tiny tears occur in the tendon as a result of pulls from repeated bending, flexing, or swinging.

2. Rotator Cuff injury
This is due to repeated stress on the shoulder joints. This affects the tendons and muscles surrounding the joint and can cause severe pain in some cases. The pressure on the muscles can lead to partial or complete tear of the rotator cuff (the muscle network between the shoulder blade and upper arm) from the bone.

3. Back pain
Most golfers spend over 4 hours in a bending position and repeat the same motion over and over again.  This leads to muscle strains and sprains in the back. People who regularly suffer from back pain might find it harder to play golf as it hinders their full abilities while playing the sport. Sciatic back pain also happens in some cases due to damage to the sciatic nerve present in the lower region of the spine.

4. Knee pain
When trying to balance the rotation of the hip axis at the beginning of a swing, the strain is placed on the knee. In cases where the pressure placed becomes extreme, it can lead to tearing of the ligaments. This can even be worse for people suffering from arthritis

5. Wrist pain
Accumulation of fatigue in the wrist can also cause inflammation of the muscles in the wrist, just as in the elbow, which can lead to an inability to hold the club with a firm grip.

How to avoid some common injuries:

  • The use of proper swing techniques is extremely useful in treating Golf’s elbow/ Elbow tendinitis.
  • Strength training, muscle stretching, and exercises for the back can help prevent rotator cuff injury.
  • Activities that focus on the pectoral and trapezoid muscles are ideal for preventing back pain injury.
  • Stretching of calves, thighs, hamstrings, and the wearing of fitted shows can be useful in preventing knee pain.
  • Wrist pain can be prevented by conditioning the wrists.

How to treat common injuries in golf:

  • Use of pain medicines such as Ibuprofen and Aspirin.
  • Deep massage of tissues                 
  • Taking steroid injections
  • Switching between hot packs and cold packs
  • You can also visit a chiropractor.

Golf has improved over time, and many medications can help lessen the pain of injuries. Do not allow anything to affect you when you play the beautiful game. Stay safe!!!

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