Look at the Hole

By November 11, 2019Tips & Tutorials

Have you ever wondered why one of the world’s greatest players looks at the hole when he is putting?

The golfer in question is Jordan Speith and even some of the commentators and swing gurus on the TV have questioned the need for him to do so.

But there is a simple answer, he feels comfortable doing so.

So what is the benefit of looking at the hole or indeed in my belief the benefits of looking at the hole when putting.

To begin with we need to look at the reasons that it may help you:

1 – Looking at the hole will allow you a clearer visual picture of what you are trying to achieve.

If you are looking at the hole when you are putting you do not have to worry about visualising the ball going into the hole. You can already see the hole, and if you have practiced enough times you will be able to memorise the vision of the ball disappearing into the cup.

2 – This is a massive benefit to golfers that may be suffering with the “yips” when putting from close range.

If you are already looking towards the hole, then you are removing one of the possible causes for the yips. MOVEMENT

The yips can be caused by various things but the most common amongst amateur golfers that I have dealt with is the movement of the head, or better explained the “need” to look at the hole before striking the ball.

If you are already looking at the hole you head does not need to move, creating a more solid and repetitive stroke and outcome.

3 – If you struggle to control the distance of a putt then looking at the hole will give you a better sense of depth.

It opens you field of vision and brings into play your subconscious.

You possess an ability to react to a situation more accurately if you are looking at your target.

If you were to take a waste paper basket in the centre of a room and try to throw a ball of paper into it, would you be more successful if you were looking at the waste paper basket or if you were looking at the wall?

The answer you already know, so why not apply the same thinking and area of your sub-conscious to your putting?

Finally, looking at the hole can remove additional distractions, which allow for clearer thinking.

If you are sceptical or think that you will not see a benefit from practicing this way, and in some cases even adopting this method, go and give it a try the next time you are on the putting green, the results I am sure will surprise you.

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