Length Matters

By November 8, 2019Tips & Tutorials

I want to talk about the importance of length.

No! Not that!!

I am talking about the length of your putter.

With the amount of marketing and offers of free custom fitting for the driver through to the wegdes, I am amazed at the number of golfers that have never had a putter fitting.

I mean, come on it is the most-used club in the bag, and possibly the most influential club in the bag when it comes to your scores and improving your game.

Yet, I would guess that 70% (at least) of golfers are using a putter that they purchased straight off the rack.

So what is the problem with that you ask?

Well much the same as a driver being fitted to suit your swing a putter should be suited to your style of stroke when it comes to putting.

There are various styles of putters, not just in shape but also the balance of the putter face.

Heel-toe, face-balanced, face-balanced at impact.

Centre-shafted, heel shafted, angled shafts etc etc etc.

Heads come in various shapes and sizes and what suits one person may not suit another.

But perhaps the most overlooked aspect of choosing the correct putter is the length.

There are so many golfers that are using a putter that is too long for them.

But how does the length affect your putting performance?

Because it determines three things;

The distance you are from the ball

The angle of the putter shaft at address (and impact)

Your posture

If you get your posture wrong you will not be able to freely “rock” your shoulders in a way that will create a smooth motion, that leads the putter slightly inside the line on the way back and the way through. (I believe the putter should move on an arc, rather than a straight line)

The distance from the ball

If the putter is too long you will not be able to get your eyes over the ball to allow for the best view of both your ball to target line and the path of your stroke. If you are positioned to far from the ball you will have a distorted view of your intended line and also the way you swing the putter.

The angle of the putter shaft.

The shaft angle (or club lean) is important because you want to impact the ball with the centre of the putter face. (Sweet spot if you prefer).

If the putter is too long, it is more than likely that the toe will be up in the air. If you have a light grip pressure the clubface will twist during impact causing balls to start off line.

Choosing the right length of putter will allow you to get into the best position to make a good stroke, increasing your chances of holing more putts.

Get yourself fitted for a putter, it could the best decision you make this year!!

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