You Can Save Your Game

By September 23, 2019Tips & Tutorials

Avoiding large scores is key in reducing your scores.

Let us take a look at what should be a familiar story;

“I had such a great score going until I got to the 12th, that is. A bad drive into the trees right.

When I got to the ball I noticed a gap between the trees, which was about a meter wide and all I had to do was keep the ball low enough to avoid the over-hanging branches.

Feeling confident, and with a good score to try and improve I decided to take the shot on, after all I am striking the ball great.

I stood over the ball, par in my head, played the shot and crack, it hit the tree right in front of me shot further right and deeper into the trees.

Now trying to ensure I didn’t get a round wrecking score I went for a larger gap, but still towards the hole to try and rescue things.

Crack again, then again and again.

Finally, I got out of the forest, back onto the fairway and then got it up and down for a 7, on a par three.

Lost my head and blew the rest of the game, if only I could learn to play safe”

Sound familiar?

If so, then you need to start slowly changing your approach to shots.

A great phrase that has a lot of merit in this situation and one that I would write down and attach to your golf bag is:

“Take your medicine”

I know that you want to try and maintain a score, but the best way to do that is to play a percentage game.

So the next time that you get yourself in trouble, you need to look at ALL the possible options.

Analyze and select the option that offers the best chance of success and falls within your “average” ability level.

Please don’t take that the wrong way, but a 24-handicapped golfer is less likely to be able to thread their ball through a gap of a few feet, than a 2-handicap golfer.

You have to remember that the way to play in the most efficient way is to play within your own ability.

Trying to hit a shot that you have never played or have never achieved on the course is asking for trouble, instead become imaginative on the practice ground and train your mind and your swing to increase your arsenal of shots, which in time will come in useful on the golf course.

Play the percentage shot, unless you have no better options.

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