Use the 3-Wood More Often

By August 30, 2018Tips & Tutorials

Why you should be hitting the 3-wood more often.

On a regular basis, I get told of how the driver let a golfer down.

A lost ball or two, the lack of distance or a horrible slice that does not seem to go away or appear with any other club in the bag.

On occasion, the complete lack of confidence with the driver requires more drastic actions.

This more drastic action could actually be the “key” to hitting better tee shots, finding the fairway more often and hitting longer tee-shots.

If you are one of these people, that have tried everything then I want you to ditch the driver for the short term and place all of your trust in your 3-wood.

Now I am not saying that you are never going to hit the driver, but what needs to happen is a change in your mental feelings towards the driver.

You need to make a change that will help both your scores improve and allow your confidence to grow, and this is exactly what changing your driver to a 3-wood will do.

A 3-wood will be easier to hit and control, making fairways easier to find and more often than not due to the additional loft on the club you will actually increase the carry distance of your tee shots.

There is a reason why the driver is such a tricky club to hit, and one of those is the length of the shaft.

The longer the shaft, the more difficult the club is to control.

Another major contributing factor as to why a driver is harder to hit is the loft.

A vast majority of amateur golfers are using a driver that has too little loft.

To achieve more distance a golfer must improve various things, but an increase in your launch angle will send the ball further down the fairway.

Modern-day drivers have their center of gravity further back and lower, helping to increase the MOI and launch angle, but many golfers still struggle to achieve the correct launch angle, so choosing a driver with a higher loft will help.

Taking this information into account, the three wood is the perfect substitution for the misbehaving driver.

A shorter shaft improves dispersion rates.

A higher loft improves launch angle which ultimately results in longer drives and the increased control due to the shorter shaft improves accuracy.

For some of my clients, the three wood has become the go-to club, a club of confidence that allows them to tackle the toughest of tee shots with confidence and belief.

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