Top Tips for Iron Play

By August 24, 2018Tips & Tutorials
tips for iron play

Much attention is given to the driver, approach play and putting that the shot and clubs in-between are often forgotten.

Having a solid iron game is crucial if you want to score low.  If you are happy with your putting but struggling to reach the green in regulation, it could be your iron play which is letting you down.  Today we have top tips for iron play which will help you to reach the green in fewer shots.

It’s vital you know exactly how far you can hit the ball with each of your irons.  This does not mean the maximum distance you have recorded with each club, it means the average distance you can hit the ball with each club.

When using long irons, the distance you can hit the ball with each club can be hugely different, sometimes up to 40 yards or more.  You must also consider the condition of the ground when using a long iron.  If the fairway is flat and dry, the ball could roll on a significant distance but if it is wet and uphill, the ball could stop very quickly.

You must take the time to practice with each of the long irons at the range and record the average distance you can hit the ball.  Try and do this for various conditions, such as when it is windy and wet because you will be faced with these conditions on the golf course.  Knowing your distances will make you much more confident when playing long iron shots.

It pays to remember you are not restricted to using your long irons on the fairway.  You can also use them on the tee.

If you are faced with a long par-4 or a par-5 hole, you do not automatically have to take out the driver.  Do not feel pressured into doing so if other players before you have used the driver.  Bunkers and water hazards are placed to catch poor drives and if the fairway is a small target, why not use a long iron and get the ball safely in play?  You will be glad you did when you see other players missing the fairway with the driver, even if you are slightly further back.

When playing on a long par-3 which requires a longer iron shot, try using the tee.  You may be able to generate more spin by playing off the ground but even from a tight lie, it can be difficult.  This is especially true when playing into the wind and you have a better chance of making a good, solid shot in windy conditions with the ball teed up a little off the ground.

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