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In our previous article we discussed pre-shot focus on the golf course.  That was our second article in our series of three tips looking at focus on the golf course and ways to maintain it throughout a round.

Today sees the final article of this series, which is concentrating on swing focus.  When you stand over the ball, about to take the club back, there could be a million thoughts running through your mind.  Trying too hard to think about what you need to do to make a great contact can often lead to a poor shot.

Overthinking the swing can see your conscious mind take over from your unconscious mind during the swing process.  In other words, you are focusing so much on what you are trying to do with your golf swing, your natural game deserts you.

It is tough not to think about various elements of the swing process when playing golf.  Even more so if you have been practicing a specific element of the swing.

However, a good way to start is by using something a simple as the name on your golf ball.  Try and pick out a small detail of the brand name, such as the logo or the first letter of the name.  Concentrating on doing this, can take your thought away from the swing mechanics and while it may take a little while to get used to, it does work.

The best way to get used to this technique is by using it on the driving range.  Just like learning new shot techniques, learning a new mental approach takes time and practice and the range is the perfect place.  Set some time aside to practice hitting some shots and focus on the name of the ball before each shot.

The best time to do this is at the end of your practice session.  Think of it as downtime at the end of the technical work you have being doing and the opportunity to hit a few balls freely.  You can hit 10 balls or 30 balls, it is up to you but concentrate on the name or logo on the ball and forget about everything else.

If you are still finding it tough to focus on the ball and forget about the technical aspects of the swing, you can use a couple of practice swings to help.

On the first swing, think about your technique.  On the second swing try and forget about the technical aspects and enjoy a free swing of the club.  Then focus on the name or logo on the ball and play your shot.

If you are overthinking your swing process every time, employing this approach will help you to switch off and produce a more relaxed swing.

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