Strategic Golf Tips

By August 10, 2018Tips & Tutorials
good golf strategy

Much of golf is focused around technique and playing equipment.  Having great shot technique and the best equipment to suit your playing style will produce good results but there are other aspects to playing golf, one of which is strategy.

Having a good strategy can help you save many shots during a round of golf and across a whole season.  Today, we have some excellent strategic golf tips which will help lower your score.

Firstly, know how far you can carry the ball with each club.  The most important thing to remember is this does not include the roll of the ball.  The condition of the fairway will change the distance the ball can roll but to clear hazards and land the ball on the green, you must know the carry distance of each club in your bag.

Consider how many bunkers are on the course and where they are located.  You will probably find many bunkers at local golf clubs are protecting the front of the green.  Therefore, with this information you know if you take enough club, you will always clear the bunkers.

When playing shots over water, do not take more club than required to compensate for the threat of the water.  Many beginner golfers make the mistake of taking more club to be on the safe side but either end up seeing their ball travel beyond the target.  This either leaves a tough shot or results in the ball landing in the water because they have taken something off the shot.

Select the club you need to hit the ball the required distance and commit to the shot.

If you can get hold of the scorecard or find the course overview online of the club you are playing, you can pick out the danger zones on each hole.  Look for the areas of the hole which are most likely to lead to a double-bogey if your ball lands there and plan a way to avoid them during your round.  A little planning like this ahead of your round will not only improve your strategy but also your confidence.

Your golf strategy should not only be about areas of the course you want to avoid but also a positive plan of attack.  You should try and plan where you would like the ball to land to give you the best approach to the green or the best opportunity to make a putt.

When playing a chip shot, pick out a landing zone on the green.  The key is to try and find somewhere flat which is close to the hole.  If you aim for the hole every time, regardless of the position of the pin, you could end up in a lot of trouble.

Sometimes, the best strategy is to play to an area of the green where you know how the ball is going to react and leaves you with a good chance of making the putt.

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