Increase Power Off the Tee

By June 18, 2018Tips & Tutorials

One of the most frustrating aspects of golf is a lack of power off the tee.  If other golfers are sending the ball down the fairway and you are struggling to get the ball close to the same distance, it can result in a loss of confidence.  This often result in worse tee shots as you begin trying too hard to hit the ball long.

Today, we have some great tips to increase power off the tee.

The stance is very important when it comes to increasing power off the tee.  Achieving a solid posture is not always easy but you should start with your legs and back straight.  From this position, you can flex the knees and tilt forward at the hips.  If you are still finding it difficult to achieve a solid posture, try starting from a squatting position and raise yourself up into the stance, with the knees flexed.

Producing too much spin on the ball can reducer power off the tee.  The first thing to check is the type of golf ball you are using.  Three piece golf balls made from urethane provide increased control on the ball and more spin.  If you are using one of these balls and suffering from a lack of power off the tee, you are advised to change to a two-piece golf ball which has lower spin and can improve distance.

However, there is another reason why you may be producing too much spin on the ball and it involves the swing.

To increase power off the tee, you need to encourage an upward strike through the ball.  You can do this by dropping the right shoulder (for right handed players) at address and this will encourage an upward strike of the ball.  Teeing the ball high can also help to hit the ball further and increase the chances of a good upward strike.

To help you swing up, you can pick out a target in the distance such as a tree, mountain or cloud.

The start of the downswing is where many golfers lose the power off the tee.  To start the downswing, slide your back knee towards the target and this will allow your back elbow to drop into your side.  Allow your weight to shift to your front foot and your arms and hands to swing the club into the follow through position.

This should feel natural and in no way forced.  The shifting of the weight is what provides much of the power in the shot and if you are forcing it, you will lose power.  Always start the down swing with the lower body, not the upper body and this will help to increase power off the tee.

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