Ways to Avoid Dropping Shots

By March 16, 2018Tips & Tutorials
dropping shots

Dropping shots is the one thing we all want to avoid when playing a round of golf.  There is nothing more frustrating than dropping a shot on a hole, especially when you know you could have done so much better.  Today, we have some tips to help avoid those dropped shots.

There are three areas where drop shots can occur yet can easily be avoided, starting with finding the hazards down the side of the fairway.

Hitting the ball straight is not a given in golf but without the ability to keep the ball on the fairway, you are always likely to drop shots.  To practice hitting the ball straight with the longer clubs, place a ball under your left heel.  Swing smoothly with the ball under your heel, trying to hit the ball straight every time.

If you find you are losing your balance or even missing the ball, it is because you are not swinging on an in to out path.  Keep practicing using this technique on the range until you start hitting the ball straighter and take that with you next time you are on the course.

Another annoying way to drop shots on the golf course is by taking two shots to get on the green from a close position.

You need to get your ball on the green at the first time of asking, wherever it lands.  This requires having a simple low and high shot in your repertoire, which you can call upon each time you need it around the green.

The lofted shot is the more difficult of the two, so try holding a club with your left hand, with the shaft hovering at waist height and parallel to the ground.  Take the club you will use to play the shot in your right hand and try to play a high shot using a one-handed swing.  Try to hit the ball without hitting the shaft of the other club.  By using this practice technique regularly, you will develop the consistency required to play the shot on the course.

Finally, and perhaps the most frustrating way of all to drop shots is three putting on the green.

If this is happening regularly, a great tip is to practice different lengths of shot and knowing what stroke will send the ball a specific distance.  Try hitting a putt with the same length backswing and follow through and see how far the ball travels on the green.

Mark this distance and then try with a different length backswing and follow through.  Make a note of the distance the ball travelled and do the same again.  Once you have found three different, yet consistent lengths of putt, you will know how to swing to get the ball to travel each distance.

So, next time you are on the green, you can assess the distance required and use the correct length backswing and follow through to get the ball close to the hole first time.

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