using a golf net

Finding time to play golf can be difficult, especially when trying to balance work, family and a social life.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on practicing and by using a golf net, you can practice at any time of day.  You can set up a golf net at home or work and take advantage of any 5-minute break you have in the day to practice some shots.

The first thing to note when using a golf net, is it cannot be set up wherever you like.  While the net will stop the ball, if you happen to hit a wayward shot or the net is not set up 100% correctly the first time you use it, you may encounter a problem.

The last thing you want is to slice the ball through a window or damage some company property because you have set up your golf net in the wrong place.

Once you have the golf net set up in the safest place possible, you can begin hitting some shots.  While it is always fun to hit balls into the net without really thinking about it, you should try and get some structure to your practice, as you would on the driving range.

Firstly, always warm up before using a golf net, especially if you are practicing outdoors in the winter.  It’s surprising how many people pick up an injury because they forget to warm up properly before using a golf net.

When practicing using a golf net, have some idea of the shot you are trying to play.  Are you hitting a long drive down the fairway on a par-5 hole, playing a short approach shot to the green or playing off the tee on a short par-3?

Having this in mind will give some meaning to your golf net practice and allow you play actual shots you are going to use on the golf course.

Think about the distance you need to hit the ball, the club you want to use, your pre-shot routine, stance and alignment.  Going through the motions, as you would on the golf course, is a great thing to do when practicing with a golf net.

Having played a few shots, think about the contact you are making with the ball.  Are you striking the ball with the centre of club?  Are you slicing the ball or failing to find any consistency?  Or are you making a great contact each time?

When playing with a golf net at home or at work, you could set up your phone and film some shots from different angles.  This will give you greater analysis of your shots and you could pick out the elements you are doing great and those which need improvement.

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