Simple Ways to Improve Your Golf

By March 21, 2018Tips & Tutorials
improve your golf

Not everything in golf needs to be complicated and sometimes, the simpler you can keep things the better.

This applies when looking to make improvements to your game and not every change you make needs to be massive or involve an overhaul of your shot technique.  Today, we have a few simple things you can apply to your game which if you haven’t already, will improve your chances of enjoying a better round of golf.

Firstly, try and keep a note of the aspects of your game which are letting you down.  It’s good to be able to look at the scorecard at the end of a round to see where you dropped shots but why did you drop them?

If you make a little note each time you make a mistake which costs a shot, you can look back at these notes when you get home and see if a pattern emerges.  For example, you may find you hit the ball over the green on three approach shots during the round.  This could be a club selection issue and something you can solve easily.

When you think about practicing your golf, does your mind always take you to the driving range?  Hitting balls on the range is great fun but you should consider heading to the practice green.  Putting is very important if you want to improve your game and hitting a few quick practice putts before a round is not going to help.

Take your time on the practice green and start putting from five feet until you begin holing the ball consistently and work your way closer to the hole.  Doing this for just 30 minutes each time you practice can make a big difference to your golf.

Before you play a round of golf, always check your equipment.  You should be doing this every time you get home following a round of golf but you may not always have time due to other commitments.

Check the groves on your wedges and irons for dirt because they can become clogged and this will result in a loss on control on the golf course.  Also check the grips on each club because if they have become worn, the club could slip in your hands and this will result in a poor shot.

It’s great to have a local golf course which you can play regularly but you should try and play on different golf courses if you want to improve.  Playing on different golf courses will improve different elements of your game and you should also try and get out there in different conditions.

If you decide to play in a tournament, the conditions are not always going to be perfect and you do not want to be caught out on a windy or wet day.

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