Hitting the Perfect Nine Iron

By January 24, 2018Tips & Tutorials
hitting a nine iron

Being able to use the nine iron means a chance to get the ball as close to the hole as possible and that should be the only thought going through your mind with this club in your hand.

A great deal of strategy can go in to a round of golf but when you are close enough to the hole to use the nine iron, the only thought should be taking dead aim at the flag and making a good swing.

With enough practice, you should be able to hit a great shot with the nine iron every time you pull it out of the bag.  Getting the ball in the air with a nine iron takes very little effort but you want to play the shot consistently well and we have three tips which will help you hit a great nine iron, every time.

Always keep your head over the ball when using a nine iron.  Hitting down through the ball will generate plenty of spin and this will ensure your ball grips the green and stays close to the flag.  So, practice keeping your head over the ball throughout the swing and maintain your balance and control.

Maintain your head position throughout the shot, from takeaway to the finish and you will find you make a better contact with the ball.

Another great way to maintain downward contact with the ball is to get your hands beyond the ball at impact.  Think about the positions of your hands as you come through the downswing and work to get them ahead of the ball at impact.

You may find it a little uncomfortable when you first try doing this but if you keep your body moving through the downswing, you may find it a little easier to get your hands in-front of the ball at impact.

Finally, do not give into the temptation of hitting your nine iron as hard as you can.  Even playing the shot at 100% is not required when using this club and swinging at it hard will only result in a less accurate shot.

Using the nine iron is all about control, not distance and you should be concentrating on making a great contact, nothing else.  The best way to achieve a great contact is to swing easy and if you feel you cannot make the green with your nine iron without swinging hard, use a different club.

Keep these points in mind when practicing with your nine iron and you will find yourself making more accurate shots to the green and giving yourself more opportunities for birdies and pars.

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