Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

By January 26, 2018Tips & Tutorials
golf comfort zone

You may feel happy playing golf at your current level and there is nothing wrong with that if you are enjoying your time on the course.

However, for those who want to improve their game and hit lower scores, there comes a time when you need to get out of your comfort zone.

The concept of being in your comfort zone is not unique to golf and can happen in other aspects of your life but in golf, it could be the one thing which is holding back your game.  The comfort zone in golf can be measured by your score.

You know what you usually score when playing on your regular golf course and you are aiming to score lower each time you play.  However, when you get in a position to make a lower scorer, you become defensive during the end of the round and try to protect your score.  This usually results in a higher score as you become nervous and you forget what you have done on previous holes to get in the good position.

This can also work in reverse.  You could have a disappointing front nine and almost write-off the round as being one where you will score much higher than your average.  However, you start playing better on the back nine holes and end up with a respectable score at the end.

You could be working hard on different aspects of your game, yet your scores do not seem to get any better and this could be a result of being in your comfort zone.  So, how do you break out of your comfort zone on the golf course?

Perhaps the best way to get out of your comfort zone on the golf course is to focus on the process and not the outcome.  This means concentrating on the shot you are about to play, nothing else.

If you are on the way to making the best score in your career and about to play an approach shot to the 17th green, you must not start thinking about the score.  Your only focus should be on what you are trying to do with the shot, everything else will follow.

Concentrate on your immediate task, not the overall picture.

As mentioned above, when you are scoring well early in a round, it becomes easy to fall into protection mode.  This means playing defensively to remain on your current score.  Trying to avoid making bogies instead of playing aggressively and trying to make birdies and pars is a sure-fire way to fall into your comfort zone.

Remind yourself how you got into the position you find yourself in and if you can do it for the first half of the round, you can do it again for the second half of the round.

Always push yourself to go lower rather than settling for what you have got and this will help to keep you out of the comfort zone.

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