Caring for Your Golf Clubs

By January 3, 2018Tips & Tutorials
cleaning golf clubs

As you improve as a golfer, you will invest in new equipment, including golf clubs.  Quality golf clubs do not come cheap but if you purchase the clubs which are best suited to your game at the most you can afford, it will pay dividends on the golf course.

Just like anything else you own in life, such as a car or item of footwear, golf clubs suffer form wear and tear and you must look after them if they are to last and perform.

Today, we have some great tips to help with caring for your golf clubs.

Firstly, always check your clubs before playing a round of golf.  You do not want to hit several putts offline only to find there is a problem with your club.  Check this first before stepping on to the course and you could save yourself a lot of bother.

Golf clubs will also suffer when being used and this is natural but there are ways to slow this process down.  The best way is to place a cover over the head of each club in your bag.  This will avoid any damage if the clubs happen to come together while in the bag and protect them from rain should you get caught on the course during a storm.

Furthermore, you should invest in a golf bag which has several dividers and prevents your clubs from hitting each other when on the move.  If your clubs are consistently colliding this will only lead to damage and its recommended you have a golf bag which has soft edges.

You should always have a towel attached to your golf bag and you can use this to give the head of your club a wipe after playing a shot.  This will not only keep the club head dry but will prevent dirt from building up on the face of the club, which can lead to wayward shots.

Water and dirt can also lead to rust spots appearing on the club, so it is wise to always wipe them between shots.

At home, you should be cleaning your clubs on a regular basis.  This is a very simple thing to do and just requires a bowl of warm water soapy water (you can use washing up liquid), a soft bristle brush and a dry towel.

When cleaning your irons, allow them to soak in the warm water for 5 minutes and use the soft bristle brush to remove any excess dirt from the face of the club.  Use the towel to dry the club face and the shaft immediately.

To clean your woods and putter, dip each club into the warm water and immediately use the towel to dry them off and remove any excess dirt.  Do not leave your woods or putter in the water as this can lead to rusting.

If you follow the steps highlighted above and take good care of your clubs, you will get a lot more use from them.

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