Two Simple Winter Drills for Limited Space

By December 6, 2017Tips & Tutorials
winter practice

Some golfers are lucky in that they live in parts of the world where you can play golf all year round.  However, many golfers will live somewhere which has a winter season and this means time away from the golf course.

Thankfully, that doesn’t mean golf should come to a complete standstill and there are things you can do indoors, regardless of the space you have available, which will allow you to continue practicing your golf throughout the winter months.

One important aspect of golf is the hips and if you do not keep them moving during the winter months, you will find it very difficult to get back into the swing of things when spring arrives and you can get on the golf course.

If you can set up a space in your house which will allow you to swing a golf club, it will go a long way to helping keep you in shape.

It doesn’t matter which club it is, if you can pick one up and make some practice swings, it will be keep your hips in motion and your mind focused on your golf swing, even though you may not step foot on a golf course for 4 months.

Even something as simple as taking a few practice swings in your home, a few days a week is good enough to keep your hips in motion and keep your mind fresh as to what it feels like to swing a golf club.

It’s all well and good picking up your golf clubs for the first time in 4 months when the weather improves but you will struggle if you have not done anything during the winter.  If you have worked hard on your game in the summer months, do not lose it by locking your clubs away in a cupboard.

Keep the club swinging at home and you can even use a different club every day.  Why not work your way through your short irons, to the mid-irons, long irons before finally reaching the driver?

It would be great if everyone had the space at home to practice short chips but not everyone has this luxury.  If you have very little room to work with, you can keep you touch by trying to keep the ball up using a wedge for as long as possible.

Much like a footballer trying to keep the ball off the floor using his feet, you can try and keep the golf ball from touching the floor using the face of your wedge.  While this will not improve your swing or help lower your score but it maintains your hand-eye coordination and the feel for the club and ball.

These two simple things will help you keep your body in a golf rhythm and ensure you are ready when the weather welcomes you back to the golf course.

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