Transferring Your Range Game to the Course

By October 27, 2017Tips & Tutorials
transfer game from range to course

Many beginner golfers have no trouble playing good, consistent shots when on the driving range.  Whether it is using the driver, a long iron or a short iron, there is something about playing on the range which makes hitting good shots easier.

If this sounds like you, there could be a problem when it comes to transferring your range game to the golf course.

When playing on the driving range, it is easy to get into a good flow of shots as you are hitting ball after ball.  On the golf course this is not the case and you have to wait at least a few minutes between shots when playing a round of golf.

So, the first thing you can do when practicing is keep your balls away from you, which makes you move to get the next one and set-up your shot.  Doing this will create time between each shot on the range and will mimic more closely what you will be doing on the course.

In addition, always go through your full routine when playing shots on the range.  Do not simply go through the motions because you are only practicing.  Make each shot count, as you would when playing on the golf course.

So, if you always take once full practice swing before addressing the ball, do that when you are practicing on the range.  That way you are not differentiating so much between the range and the golf course and when it comes playing your round of golf, the whole process of your shot will match that of the practice range.

You are not expected to take the length of time it would usually take you to walk from the tee following a drive on a par-5 hole to the ball between shots on the range.  That would be ridiculous as you would be just standing around with nothing much to do and this does not recreate the same feeling you have when walking between shots on the course.

So, instead of standing about doing nothing on the range between shots, why not try playing some actual holes of golf on the range instead?

Picture a hole you know well in your mind and choose the club you would use off the tee on this hole.

Play your shot and watch the ball land, thinking about where this leaves you in terms of your second shot.  Walk to your bag and choose the club you usually would for your second shot on the hole and using another ball, play your second shot.

This process of changing your club between shots give you a natural break between hitting shots on the practice range.  Again, it will not mimic what it is like when you between shots on the golf course but will get you in the routine of taking longer between shots on the range, which is something you will be doing on the course.

Hopefully these tips will help you transfer for your game more easily between the range and the golf course.

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