Simple Golf Swing Fixes

By August 14, 2017Tips & Tutorials
swing fixes

While there are many aspects which make up a successful round of golf, one thing you cannot do without is a good swing.

You can practice a variety of different shots from the tee to the green, work on your mental game, have all the correct equipment in your bag and a thorough understanding of the rules.  However, if you are having trouble with your swing, you will struggle on the golf course.

Today we have some great fixes for three most common problems beginners face with their golf swing.

A major fault for many players is the slice.  If you are slicing the ball regularly, you will need to work hard at your game and spend time to iron it out but the solution itself is quite simple.

During your entire back swing, try and keep your back knee slightly flexed.  You will feel the need to straighten your back leg on the back swing but must try and resist the natural urge and keep it flexed.

The pivot point of your golf swing is at the back knee, not the hip and to get into this position, imagine what it feels like when you are just getting ready to sit down.  Finally, do not allow the trailing knee to move back with the back swing, keep it slightly bent under the back hip.

The next most common fault with the swing is making an inconsistent contact with the ball.  If you feel as though you never make the same contact with the ball when using the same club, this is for you.

To solve this, you want to be able to spin on your spine.  If you can take your setup position with the sun directly behind you or using a light if indoors, you can see the way you are positioned thanks to your shadow.

Take a club and make your back swing, noting the position of your head using the shadow.  Your head should remain still and not move in any direction.  If you can see the shadow of your head moving during your back swing, you must keep practicing until it remains still as this is what is causing your inconsistent ball contact.

The final fault with the golf swing is inconsistent direction.  Do you find you lack consistency when it comes to the direction of shots?

A good way to solve this problem is to have your toe-line parallel to the flight that you want the ball to travel.  A great way to make sure you are doing this on the shot, is to take your setup, ensure your toe-line is parallel to the flight you want the ball to take and ask someone to lay a golf club on the ground, in-front of your toes.

Do not play the shot but instead step away from the club and look to see if it is lined up with the target.  If it is not, try again and step away until you have it in the right place.

The correct place may feel a little strange at first but that is because it is new to you.  The more you practice, the better it will feel and the more consistent you will be with the direction of your golf shots.