Curing a Slice Off the Tee

slice off the tee

One of the most common mistakes amateur golfers make is slicing the ball off the tee.  Hitting a sweet drive down the centre of the fairway is one of the best feelings in the sport.  However, hitting a sliced drive into the rough or trees is one of the most frustrating things you can do.

Sometimes it can feel as though there is nothing you can do to stop the slice.  Some amateur golfers even take to aiming more to one side of where they want the ball to go, to allow for the slice because they are so sure it is going to happen.

This is not how to cure a slice and you should never do it.  If you are slicing the ball off the tee, we have some great tips which will help prevent it from happening in the future.

There could be several things happening during your swing, which is making you slice the ball.  The first thing to check is your stance.

Having teed up your ball, you need to align your feet in the correct way, which means standing with your feet straight.  If you are unsure about your alignment, place a golf club on the ground, so it runs along the front of your toes.  If the club is pointing towards where you want the ball to go, great, your alignment is good.  If not, you need to adjust your stance so it is and this will help cure your slice.

Make sure you tee up the ball in the centre of your stance.  It must be equal distance from your front foot and back foot.  If you move the ball closer to either your front foot or back foot, this can prevent the ball from going straight.

Although these two quick fixes can help in curing a slice off the tee, often it is the back arm during the swing which causes the problem.

When starting your swing, the elbow of your back arm should keep in contact with your body for as long as possible.  The only time it should separate from your side is at the top of the swing.

As you begin the downswing, make sure your elbow regains contact with the side of your body and does not slip inside your body.  Allowing the elbow of your back arm to move inside is one of the most common causes of slicing the ball off the tee.  Doing it allows the club head to open and this makes the ball slice.

Finally, when bringing the club through the ball, keep your shoulder straight and facing the target and keep your head down until your back arm and shoulder force it to come around.  Imagine driving your shoulder down into the ground as you bring the club forward and as you finish the shot, you will be in an ideal position to watch your ball fly down the centre of the fairway.

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